You are Merlin

Deepak Chopra, in the book – The Return of Merlin – weaves an engaging story about Arthur and Katy’s quest to find the illusive Merlin. Dragons, magic, Tarot, the Holy Grail, and even Arthur’s sword are a part of Chopra’s complex tale of discovery.

You are Merlin

Merlin is you. Unlike Arthur and Katy, you need not follow deadly trails, climb over cliffs, be frightened by tales of wizardry…all you have to do is accept the you can be and do exactly what is personal and powerful to you. All of your Merlin talent is within.

Rhonda Byrne, mega successful creator of The Secret , says that Merlin exists when you are grateful. She adds, “Never let a day pass without looking for the good, praising, appreciating, blessing and being grateful.”

Gratitude is free, no travel required. Inculcate gratitude in your life as a daily practice, release your Merlin.

Merlin is Gratitude

Goodness is priceless. Being good, thinking good, doing good, expressing good is more than any American Express can buy. Smiling is a good act – and it is free. Letting go of criticism and withholding a complaint is good. Serving others is good-this is gratitude for the good in your life in action.

Merlin is You

Wherever you travel, whatever you do, whomever you are with – Merlin is with you because Merlin is you. You are never without Merlin, thus you are never alone. When you practice good, praise rather than resort to cynicism, appreciate everything, count your blessings, and show active gratitude you are personifying Merlin.

It’s a fact – Being more grateful for the little things enhances your self-control, according to David DeSteno, a professor of psychology at Northeastern University. “By taking time to count your blessings and focus on things that you are grateful for, you are enhancing your self control,” DeSteno offers. In essence, he says: Be Merlin

Become a better Merlin – YOU!

A short Merlin like story:
O Magazine wrote a story in its May 2016 issue about a dozen 5th graders in Peoria, Illinois who spend their recess time practicing sign language so they can better communicate with their deaf classmate.

These students are being power Merlin – they are good, they are empathetic, they are grateful appreciative, kind, happy, servants. In essence, live Merlin by showing the active behavior and character within themselves. ?

What’s Your Merlin story?


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