Good Deeds Matter

Doing good, doing what is right does pay off. This story printed in The Sun magazine illumines the point:

When Jolyn Robichaux found an address book at the Atlanta airport, she decided  to return the book to its owner. She began by calling some of the telephone numbers in the book telling them why she called.  One caller suggested that she leave the address book at her concession stand she owned at the Chicago airport, the book could then be retrieved from there.

A week later someone claimed the address book, good deed done.

Years later when Jolyn and her family planned to fly from Chicago to Rochester, NY to see her son graduate from grad school, she was devastated to learn that the flight was cancelled; she’d miss the ceremony the next day since the last flight of the day was already full.  Her daughter pleaded with the airline gate agent, telling him their story adding that her Mom owned the ice-cream concession stand at the airport. 

The agent asked her mother’s name and the daughter told him.  The agent remembered her name from the good deed of kindness years ago.  He hugged Mrs. Robichaux and then escorted all eight family members onto another flight that would get them to Rochester in time.  When Jolyn asked why he decided to help them rather than leave them stranded with the other passengers he told her that she was the one who found his precious address book he had given up as forever lost, this was his way of extending his heartfelt thank you for the good deed.

Good deeds matter.



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I am an encourager who believes in LIFE (learning, information, function, expression). Author: Climb Every Obstacle: Eliminate Your Limits!
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