Reading List-January 2013

(I have read and studied all of these books.)

9 Things You Simply Must Do to Succeed in Live and Life, Henry Cloud, Integrity Publishers, 2004 (bonus CD)

  • This book lays out nine personal, common sense actions you could take to succeed in love and life. Dr. Henry Cloud, psychologist, guides the reader through the nine “life lessons” to reach a resolve about life.  Dr. Cloud discovers what successful people practice and offers these principles in the book.

On Gratitude, Todd Aaron Jensen, Adams Media, 2010

  • Gratitude is the elixir of happiness. Todd Jensen interviews an assortment of celebrities for the book to get their take on gratitude and how they practice gratitude in their lives.  You really get to peer into the appreciation quotient of the “stars” and find they are mindful to say thanks.

Climb Every Obstacle: Eliminate Your Limits!, Anita Jefferson, RealWord Publishers, 2009bookcover 002

You get to life a life of opportunity. How you get an opportunity out of obstacles from anger to doubt, from kismet to materialism, from sexism to worry are found in this penetrating, life-changing book. Each obstacle, written about in two pages, ends with an opportunity step. You can immediately walk away from obstacles and step into grand opportunity. Leave your obstacles behind.

With Purpose: Going from Success to Significance , Ken Dychwald and Daniel Kadlec, Harper-Collins, 2009

  • Dychwald and Kadlec have written for the bold, for the dreamers who act.  This book urges the reader to investigate why you should commit to have a lasting impact on the world and it’s a manifesto on what you can do to maximize that impact.

The Sedona Method, Hale Dwoskin, Sedona Press, 2003

  • There is a method to get out of madness.  This author shepherds you to a place of self-acceptance, happiness, well-being, success and peace.   Dwoskin uses the Sedona Method, taught to him by Lester Levenson, to inspire inner release and move you to your purposeful place.

Super Cooperators: Altruism, Evolution, Why We Need Each Other to Succeed, Martin A. Nowak with Roger Highfield,  Free Press, 2011

  • Altruism works. We need each other to succeed.  Nowak, an expert on evolution and game theory, explains why cooperation is key to advancement.  The authors believe, like Bertrand Russell, “the only thing that will redeem mankind is cooperation.”

Heroes Among Us, John Quinones, Harper-Collins, 2008

  • Everyday people are heroes. The people and situations profiled in the book, based on the ABC television show Heroes Among Us, show us that being a hero is simple. Ordinary people, extraordinary conscientious choices.

Half the Sky, Nicholas D. Kristoff and Sheryl WuDunn, Vintage, 2010

  • Move out of the way complacency. Kristoff and his wife WuDunn chronicle the heroic efforts of those who move heaven and earth to combat suffering for women and girls around the globe. They lift up half the sky to reveal the compassion and fierce moral voices that agents of change around the globe in nations such as Africa, Cambodia, Afghanistan,  America and elsewhere are calling out to end oppression.

The Throne of the Inner Temple, Elias Zohoori, NSA of America, 1985

  • The premise of the compilation by Zohoori is that the body is an inner temple. The book contains selections of writings from the Baha’i Faith on the human body, its health and nutrition, purity and holiness, science of medicine, illnesses, and physical and spiritual healing.

The New Jim Crow, Michelle Alexander, The New Press, 2010

  • Cover of "The New Jim Crow: Mass Incarcer... Get ready to know the truth: there is a direct nexus between racism and incarceration in the United States. Legal scholar Michelle Alexander confronts your comfort, she makes plain that there is a racial control in America.  Jim Crow still operates in the criminal justice system.  Apathy must be arrested so that men or color can be freed from the caste of prison and the aftermath of incarceration.

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