Obstacle 79: Pity

Learning to live with your shortcomings may be the easiest way to shortchange yourself.” ~Dr. Johnette Cole

Pity poisons esteem.  Pity is the most pervasive form of self-doubt. Seeking pity or acting pitiful means you have surrendered control of your life destiny. Eliminate pity, assume your power.

You shortchange yourself with an aimless, meandering existence when you abide pity. There is so much life to be lived, there is so much you must do. There are so many miracles to experience, so many new explorations to take part in.

Pity causes you to feel un-deserving. To feel pity is to mistreat yourself. You deserve the best and you are more than capable of earning the life you want. Release pity.

Combat pity with:

  • Affirming belief (I am somebody)
  • Service/kindness to others (I am needed)
  • Forgiveness (I matter)

There is no guest list for a pty party, nobody wants to come. Get over it!


Opportunity Step: Affirm, serve, forgive today.

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About AnitaAnswers

I am an encourager who believes in LIFE (learning, information, function, expression). Author: Climb Every Obstacle: Eliminate Your Limits!
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