Obstacle 53: Inertia

“Action speaks louder than fear.” ~Dr. Mark Goulston

Inertia impedes action.  Staying planted in one place, no matter how comfortable you are, is a success disaster.  Progress demands activity.

Advancement defeats stagnation. If you find yourself settling for less than your potential or removed from living a life of passion and purpose, ask yourself two questions:

  1. What am I avoiding and why?
  2. What would I do if I could not fail?

Honest answers to these questions often re-energize you and restore your focus.

Act and continue to act with deliberate, constant action. Combat unproductive inertia, time waits for no one. Don’t settle, never resign or move away from your dream, and always find something better to do.

Eat your P’s (by Al Wiseman)

Realize your Potential

Discover your Purpose

Stand on Principle

Live life with Passion

Ignite your spirit!

Opportunity Step: Go out and dance today.

(This is an excerpt from the book, Climb Every Obstacle: Eliminate Your Limits! Buy your copy today, FREE shipping, for the rest of the story.)


About AnitaAnswers

I am an encourager who believes in LIFE (learning, information, function, expression). Author: Climb Every Obstacle: Eliminate Your Limits!
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