Obstacle 41: Fortune

“Fortune favors the BOLD.” ~Virgil

photo created by jscreationzs

Fortune filters convictionMoney, or the lack thereof, is an enabler.  Many perceive the rich as elites who are “born with a silver spoon in their mouth.” But, not always is this true; sometimes the rich have it easier but there are other times when fortune is ruinous.

Success requires conviction, whether you are rich or not. Success equalizes every dream.  Lack of aspiration is what cosigns you to poverty, not fortune.  Annals are replete with inspiring stories of people who achieved greatness even though they were impoverished at the beginning.

Achievement, like success, can’t be bought. It takes conviction and effort; there are few shortcuts.  Add boldness to your treasure chest.

Fortune is a cushion, just watch out for the pins.

Opportunity Step: Spend time with a waiter today.

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I am an encourager who believes in LIFE (learning, information, function, expression). Author: Climb Every Obstacle: Eliminate Your Limits!
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