Obstacle 8: Attitude

Attitude amends achievement. Your state of mind is contagious to the outcome you want to achieve in life. A negative attitude guarantees poor outcomes, while a positive attitude creates astounding effects. The choice is yours.

Bob Proctor says that your internal viewpoint, or subconscious thinking, is the basis of your attitude. If you exhibit or harbor an attitude of scarcity, fear, mistrust then this is what becomes your reality. Conversely, if you exhibit an attitude of control, sharing, love, and trust this formulates a sense of optimism and that is what you get.

You are exactly what you believe.  Claude Bristol, in The Magic of Believing, emphatically states “persistence gives confidence and continued right mental attitude followed by consistent action will bring success.”

What you think about, you bring about says James Arthur Ray. What you think about forms your attitude and your attitude determines your altitude. Only you determine how high you will soar.

Achievers have both an expectant attitude and gratitude, even through tests and difficulties. Don’t ask to move your obstacle, ask for the strength to climb.

Opportunity Step: Practice expressing your gratitude today.

(This is an excerpt from Climb Every Obstacle: Eliminate Your Limits! (http://www.climbeveryobstacle.com). Buy your copy today to read the rest of the story.


About AnitaAnswers

I am an encourager who believes in LIFE (learning, information, function, expression). Author: Climb Every Obstacle: Eliminate Your Limits!
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