Obstacle 4: Appearances

“Were we to take as much pain to be what we ought, as we do to disguise what we are, we might appear like ourselves without being at the trouble of any disguise at all.” ~Francois de la Rochefougauld

Appearances activate assumptions. Unfortunately many people make instant decisions about one’s worth based on appearances. Author Malcolm Gladwell in his book, Blink, offers that our mind takes about two seconds to jump to a series of conclusions. Thus, appearances have meaning, but they should not inform the true meaning of who you are and what is meaningful to you.

Rather a better indicator of worth is how well you have lived. Who have you helped? What have you contributed for the betterment of humanity? Let the answers to those appearance questions  become your” inner”dress.

Restrain the impulse to buy for appearance sake, as does Ms. Bucket in the British sitcom Keeping Up Appearances, and instead vow to polish your “inner” appearances such that they are posh and enviable.

Build your wealth from within. Prestige is vanity. Don’t even try to keep up with the Jones’. At the end of each day one thing that matters is how many “inner” deposits you have made into your CEO success account.

Bank on your own success.

Opportunity Step: Dispense with appearance concerns today. Be YOU!

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I am an encourager who believes in LIFE (learning, information, function, expression). Author: Climb Every Obstacle: Eliminate Your Limits!
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